Before your procedure: shop policies & info

Bring Your ID

Prior to any body art procedure, we require our client's to provide a valid, government issued picture ID.

We will not accept expired IDs.

We also cannot accept Military ID as a valid form of ID (as per US government regulation). 

We will not perform any body art without a valid (not expired) ID and you risk losing your 

Deposit and/or scheduled Appointment if you do not have it with you. 

Minor Policies: ID Requirements

We will pierce the earlobes (no cartilage) of children ages 8 and up.

Requirements for children ages 8-14: Parent's ID (see above) and a copy of the child's birth certificate.

We will perform basic body piercings* on minors ages 15-17.

We will tattoo* minors ages 16 & 17.

Requirements for Minors ages 15-17: Parent's ID w/ birth-date, Minor's picture ID w/ birth-date and a copy of the Minor's Birth Certificate. 

We require the consenting parent to remain in the shop throughout the Minor's entire body art procedure.

*We will not tattoo and/or pierce any Minor in/on an area of the body that a swimsuit covers.

Babies* Young Children

Please keep in mind that we are a tattoo & body piercing shop; the chance of being exposed to adult themes, art, language, and/or situations is possible. 

Supervised children are allowed in the shop, however, our policies dictate that children (under the age of 8) are not allowed in procedure/sterilization areas. 

We want to do your body art properly with 100% attention to detail. Artist concentration is crucial, so......

Distracting, screaming, unsupervised children will be asked to leave. 

We want all of our clients and guests to feel comfortable and at ease in our shop.

They must not be left unattended or unsupervised. 

Plan accordingly and make arrangements for your children before your appointment.

*Any children (or adults!) that are screaming, crying, running around or being disruptive, will be asked to leave.

Please respect the fact that our artists are working in fine detail with sharp objects on art that will last a lifetime: loud noises are very distracting.


To better insure the safety of mother & child, we will not perform any body art procedures on anyone that is pregnant, has given birth in the last 3 months and/or whom is nursing/breastfeeding.

We understand that your physician may have a different opinion. However, these policies are derived from our extensive experience in the body art field.

Child birth will naturally cause significant physical, physiological, chemical, and emotional changes to the body. 

It is important to allow your body to focus on matters at hand (i.e. growing a human) rather than perform a procedure (i.e. tattoo/body piercing/microblading) that will require your body to work that much harder to heal something that wasn't there before.


Give your body some time to heal & normalize so that you are healthy and able to heal your body art with a minimal chance of complications.

We suggest to wait no less than three (3) months after giving birth as well as no less than three (3) months after nursing/breastfeeding has stopped before setting up a body art procedure.

We understand that it's no fun to wait, but we are sticking to our guns on this one. 

In the long-run, your body art will heal much better and faster if your body is well-healed.

Drug(s) & Alcohol Policies

Drug(s) & Alcohol Policies:

We will NOT perform any procedures on any person that we believe to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime for any reason. 

Body Jewelry

If your jewelry is defective, bring it back and we will replace your jewelry (of equal value). 

With the exception of defective jewelry, our jewelry policies state that we do not and cannot accept returns on body jewelry for health reasons. 

If you are purchasing jewelry for someone else, be sure you know the style, gauge, size, and color they are looking for.