Body Piercing

Body Piercing & Specials

Dead RockStar Body Piercing:
Body Piercing needles, designed for a smooth insertion which promotes better and faster healing.

We offer Body Piercing Services by experienced, accommodating body piercers that will ease you into the piercing process and insure that your piercing experience is a great one.

When done properly, a body piercing is very quick. 

Take a deep breath in and your piercing is over with before you breathe out!

We will discuss aftercare for your body piercing and give you written aftercare suggestions to take with you.

From the day that we give you your new piercing until the day it comes out; we will assist you with any concerns or questions that arise.

We suggest calling ahead to set up an appointment for piercing to make sure that we are able to get you in.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment time so that we can get your jewelry selected and address any concerns you may have.

Chuck: Piercing

Chuck D. Kesler Senior Piercer and co-owner of Dead RockStar in Fargo, ND.

Piercing since 1999, I have gained a lot of experience, insight, and knowledge with all body piercings: basic, genital, surface piercing/dermals, as well as corset piercings over the years.

In 2006, I attended my first Association of Professional Piercers (APP) Conference and, in 2007, I became the first APP member in North Dakota.

I take my profession seriously and look forward to showing you what I can do! In the meantime, check my portfolio below to see some things that I have done.

Call the shop to set up an appointment or email me with any inquiries at:

Follow me @chuck_d.80


Alex our body piercer at Dead RockStar in Fargo, ND.

I have a few years of experience in the Body Piercing Industry and I recently finished my body piercing apprenticeship under Chuck.

I enjoy when a piece of jewelry enhances the look of any piercing as well as the features of my client's anatomy.

When I am not piercing, I am doing special effects make-up.


Set up some time with me and let's talk some piercing!

Call the shop to set up an appointment or email me:

Folow me @lexxpiercer

body Piercing specials

Dead RockStar
Professionals Don't use Piercing Guns.
Circular Barbell Belt Buckle

"House Special" 2 for $45

All day, every day!

Two basic piercings for one $45 Service Charge. 

Bring a friend and split the cost!

(jewelry not included: 'Basic Piercings' are listed below) 

"Rite of Passage" 18th Birthday Special

You're turning 18 and that's a big deal!

On your 18th birthday, get pierced and we will take 50% off your Service Charge!

(Limit 2 piercings. Jewelry not included)

$10 off any one (1) Basic Body Piercing.

(Limit 2 per person. Jewelry not included)

"Piercing Punch Card"

For every $10 you spend on Body Jewelry, Body Piercing, and Body Piercing Aftercare, we will "punch out" part of a "Piercing Punch Card" for you.

Once you have 10 "punches" on your card, bring it in on your next visit 

and receive $10 off anything Body Piercing related. 

Save up a few and redeem them all at once.

(cards have no actual cash value)

Body Piercing Services

In the rare event that removal of your piercing is not possible, a $15 Service Charge is in place to cover supplies used.