High-Quality Body Jewelry

Body Jewelry Materials That We Work With

Dead RockStar Body Piercing:
Raw Materials: (L-R) Steel, Titanium, Gold.
Dead RockStar only carries high-quality body jewelry made of the best materials and expertly designed.

When selecting body jewelry, you must consider what material it is made of. 

Consider that body jewelry is worn in & through your skin/tissue. 

Rings, necklaces and bracelets, on the other hand, are worn on top of your skin.

Some of the materials we work with are: Titanium, Niobium, and 18K-14K gold. 

These materials have been scientifically proven to be 100% safe for wear in the human body (bio-inert), both short-term & long-term.

Many retail chains & 'mall stores' sell low-quality body jewelry due to it's low wholesale cost and high mark-up/profit margin. 

Both low-quality materials and poorly designed body jewelry 

will cause issues for new or even healed body piercings.

Investing in quality body jewelry may cost a few extra dollars because the jewelry is designed to last a lifetime.

Given proper care, quality body jewelry will never need to be replaced. 

Body Jewelry for Initial Piercings

Dead RockStar Body Piercing:
Septum piercing with a 16 gauge Circular Barbell holding a Caeli multi-gem bead.
Nostril piercing wearing an 18 gauge titanium seam-less ring

Each piece of body jewelry that we place in a fresh piercing will be of an appropriate material, size, diameter, and style. 

It is very important that the size, style and diameter of your body jewelry is appropriate for your individual anatomy.

 We assess the area being pierced, as well as the surrounding tissue and/or structures, to ensure that your body jewelry will be accommodating during your healing process.

Some inflammation and/or swelling of the piercing site is common 

during the healing process. We will take average swelling into account when choosing the proper size jewelry for you.

 If you experience excessive swelling during the healing process, it may be necessary to replace* your jewelry with a different size and/or style of jewelry. 

Contact your body piercer if you have any concerns about your body piercing, 

body jewelry, the healing process, or any other questions.

Body Jewelry for Healed Piercings

Dead RockStar Body Piercing:
A healed septum piercing wearing a beautiful seamless septum piece.

Congratulations, you healed your body piercing!

Now, it's time to "downsize" your jewelry. 

We suggest to wear body jewelry that is more snug fitting 

than what you were initially pierced with. 

This reduces the risk of your body jewelry 

catching or snagging on clothing, towels, washcloths, etc. 

All of which reduces the chance of a 'piercing bump' developing. 

A healed body piercing also means you are ready to upgrade your body jewelry.  

Wear some fancy, ornate, and stunningly beautiful pieces!

If you are looking for a specific piece of body jewelry, contact Jenny and 

she will custom order a piece designed & crafted just for you!


Our Body Jewelry Guarantee

Dead RockStar Body Piercing:
The laser engraved proof of authenticity that only genuine Swarovski Gemstones possess!
This is a multi-gem bead designed to be worn in Captive Bead Rings or Circular Barbell.

We guarantee* our body jewelry to be free of manufacturer defects. 

Should you come across any defective pieces, we will return it to the manufacturer and replace your jewelry for free.

*Please check your body jewelry/beads regularly to insure that they are tight and secure. Our Body Jewelry Guarantee does not cover lost pieces of body jewelry.