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We are Open Again!! 

Review the following COVID-19 Policies, Restrictions and Client Requirements to better prepare for your visit.

Appointment Only* 

All tattoos, body piercings, and 

jewelry change-outs done by 

appointment only. No Walk-Ins.  

Body Jewelry: Curbside Pick-Up 

Contact your piercer. Tell them what kind of jewelry you are looking for and/or what piercing it is for.

Include the style, color, gems/opals, size (gauge), and the length/diameter you are looking for. If you are not sure, your piercer will be able to help you out.

We will prepare your jewelry and call you to let you know it is available for pick-up. 


For obvious health reasons,

We do NOT accept returns on body jewelry. 

Make sure you are 100% sure that you have given us the correct jewelry specifications.

"What to do When You Arrive" 

directions are below... keep reading!

Limited Areas on the Body

Body Piercing:

We will NOT perform piercings, jewelry changes, etc. on the following body parts due to the close proximity of mucous membranes:

Lip/Philtrum, Tongue, Nostril, Septum, Eyebrows, Bridge (nose), Facial Dermals, or Genitals. 


We will NOT be performing any tattooing on or above the neck.

Cosmetic Procedures:

We are not offering these Services at this time due to their close proximity to mucous membranes.

No Minors

We will not perform any body art procedures, including jewelry changes, on anyone under 18 years of age.

 No exceptions.

No Additional Guests

Friends, family, or "spectators" will not be allowed to accompany clients to their appointment.

Health Screening

We will take the temperature of all customers via no-contact thermometer


Masks (covering the nose & mouth) MUST be worn at all times by all customers. 

No exceptions.


Clients will be required to wash hands with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds, upon entering the shop.

Hand sanitizer will also be available. 

We will prioritize washing with soap and water as it is more effective than hand sanitizer.

Social Distancing

We will have barriers in place as well as appropriately spaced seating to facilitate safe social distancing.

Cell Phones & Purses/Bags/etc.

Bring only essential items with you. 

We request that cell phones be put away during your procedure.

Food & Beverages

No food allowed in  the shop. 

One (1) screw-top beverage will be allowed per client (put away during your procedure) 


When You Arrive For Your Appointment

1. Remain in your vehicle. 

2. Call us at (701) 277-7100 

to let us know you have arrived. 

3. We will contact you shortly thereafter and let you inside.

What Happens Once You Are In The Shop

1. We will bring you into the shop and take your temperature. 

If your temp is over 99.9, we will post-pone your appointment, and you will be 

asked to reschedule at a later time. 

2. We will direct you to a hand-washing station to wash your hands thoroughly  with soap and water (for 20 seconds).

3. You will fill out a digital consent form that, along with aftercare instructions, will be emailed to you, We will also copy your valid picture ID at this time.

4. Your artist will bring you to their tattoo station. Or, your piercer will notify you when it is time to select jewelry and/or bring you to the piercing room.

5. After your procedure, you will be directed to our check-out area where we will take care of payment.

6. Finally, we will escort you out of the shop and send you on your way!

Our Mission Statement:

We Provide Quality Body Art & Permanent Cosmetic

Services in a Clean & Sterile Environment. 

Your Health & Safety Are Our Number One Priority.

Our Body Art Services

Dead RockStar Body Tattoos & Body Piercing:
Seamless ring with white opal beads attached polished titanium

Body Piercing

Permanent Makeup

Body Piercing

We have the only member of the 'Association of Professional Piercers' in the FM area! 

Learn about them here:

We utilize appropriate piercing techniques and methods best suited for each client. We also assess the piercing site and each individual anatomy to insure that the piercing is appropriate and that the healing process will be smooth and trouble-free.


Our piercers walk you through the piercing process and keep you at ease as they address any concerns or questions you 

may have along the way.

Dead RockStar Tattoos & PIercing:
Tools of the trade! Up close picture of the needles and tube of a tattoo machine.


Permanent Makeup

Body Piercing

Our tattoo artists are well-versed and experienced with many different tattoo styles and designs, techniques, and tricks of the trade! 

Traditional, realism, custom, cover-ups,

you name it and they can do it for you. 


Their knowledge of tattoo machines and the various techniques that accompany them is unsurpassed! 

With over 40 years of combined experience, our award-winning artists will help give you a tattoo experience that you'll always remember!

Dead RockStar Tattoos & Piercing:
Eyebrow microblading services as well as eyeliner tattooing are a few of the additional Body Art services that we offer.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

Our Permanent Makeup Artist, Lisa, will discuss the process, address concerns you may have and as well as your expectations regarding the cosmetic procedures that she offers.

 She will thoroughly explain aftercare/healing information as well as inform you of what to expect during and after your procedure.

Lisa is a licensed body artist with years of experience in health, beauty and cosmetics. 

Contact Lisa today and she will work with you to provide your perfect look!

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