piercing guns are NEVER appropriate to use on any part of the body.

Medical Considerations for Body Art Procedures

As professionals in the body art industry, your health and safety are our number one priority. 

It is our responsibility to inform you of possible risks that may be associated with your procedure and/or healing process.

The following info is based on extensive experience

Cosmetic Surgery/Breast Implants

Cosmetic Surgery/Breast Implants

Cosmetic Surgery/Breast Implants

Industrial Piercing barbells with threadless Opal ends from Dead RockStar in Fargo, ND

These procedures can be performed in a variety of different ways. Many of which may compromise the skin structures and tissues near the nipple. 

If you have had these or similar procedures, we suggest to wait a minimum of 2 years before nipple piercing (in some cases, it may be longer).

Inverted Nipples

Cosmetic Surgery/Breast Implants

Cosmetic Surgery/Breast Implants

Swarovski cubic zirconium gems from Dead RockStar in Fargo, ND

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of people with inverted nipple are able to have and successfully heal nipple piercings.

If you find a hard mass under an inverted nipple, we suggest to contact your physician.

Contact your physician if you develop inverted nipples later in life.

Scar Tissue

Cosmetic Surgery/Breast Implants

Diabetes (I & II)

Grizzly Bear Tattoo by Josh Anderson at Dead RockStar Fargo, ND

Scar tissue will absolutely affect how body art will heal.

Tattooing over scar tissue can greatly affect the overall look of the tattoo as the ink 'floats' differently in compromised (scar) tissue as compared to 'healthy' tissue.

Piercing through scar tissue: the longer the previous piercing has been out, the better chance there is of successfully healing the new piercing.

Re=piercing too soon through non-healed scar tissue will greatly increase the chance of jewelry migration and/or complications. 

Seek an experienced tattoo artist/piercer when scar tissue is present. 

Diabetes (I & II)

Compromised Immune Systems

Diabetes (I & II)

Daith piercing with a captive Opal and CZ gem bead ring from Dead RockStar Fargo, North Dakota

For diabetics, the healing time for a tattoo and/or cosmetic procedure, may take 20-28 days (or longer). We suggest to keep tattoo/cosmetic sessions to no more than two (2) hours.

For Body Piercing, the healing time will take twice as long 

(i.e. tongue piercing= 4 months, cartilage/helix piercing= 12-18 months, etc.). 

We suggest to limit the amount of piercings in one session to three (3) at the most.

Compromised Immune Systems

Compromised Immune Systems

Compromised Immune Systems

black lab tattoo by Josh Anderson at Dead RockStar in Fargo, ND

If you have a compromised immune system,  (Primary Immunodeficiency, Hepatitis, HIV, etc.) we may require a 

"Physician's Acknowledgment Form" to be filled out by you and your primary caregiver before we will perform any body art procedure.

"Piercing Bumps"

Compromised Immune Systems

Compromised Immune Systems


Though, "Piercing Bumps" may form on/near any body piercing, they seem to be more common on nostril, cartilage/helix, and navel piercings.

Typically, these 'bumps' are caused by irritation/trauma to the piercing and/or surrounding site. This is also the reason that these 'bumps' are more likely to occur when a piercing gun was used rather than a piercing needle; too much trauma to the tissue!

They often appear as small (possibly elevated), red, and sometimes inflamed, fluid-filled bumps. 

They may be tender or itchy and in some cases, or possibly accompanied by a burning sensation.

There are various ways to take care of these. To alleviate the bump, there may be some "trial and error". 

We suggest:

-Apply a hot compress directly to the bump/piercing site and apply gentle pressure for 8-10 minutes. 

-Repeat this 2-4x daily for 2 weeks. 

Consistency is key!

This can be done in conjunction with your suggested aftercare routine as well.

There are other methods and techniques to help these 'bumps' go away. Contact our piercers for more info.